Human beings are blessed with countless feelings and emotions. From amongst us, children and the elderly are blessed with those emotions that they express freely, and want others to respond according to their emotions and feelings too. The young adults and older adults have feelings too, but sadly, we are living in such a rapidly-evolving and changing world, that sometimes we, the adults, the leaders of the present generation, do not even get time to stop and look after our basic needs.

It is because life is moving so fast that it does not let anyone spare time even for the most important of things, so we pretend to not have time for ourselves, and keep on doing what we have to, be it studying, or work, or full-time jobs, or whatever it is that requires most of our time and energy.

Whether you are one of the elderly citizens who feel lonely at this age and want to be taken care of, or you are a full-time working adult person, who has elderly people at home that you regret not taking care of properly, we might be the perfect solution that you are so desperately looking for right now!

We, at the ALEGRE Home Health Care, promise not only to make you feel loved and cherished but would also make sure that all your concerns are taken care of – in the best possible way! 

What Do We Do?

When a person gets old, he or she is bound to undergo a lot of changes. These changes are not only in the physical aspect but involve mental and emotional changes too. Older people want attention and need to be taken care of in a proper way.

Even if an elderly person is well-oriented to their surroundings, it is always better to be vigilant and supervise their activities, in case an unfortunate incident takes place.

We, at the ALEGRE Home Health Care, have recruited an entire team of such well-trained and loving caregivers who would not only take care of the elderly and their needs but would also make them feel important, and help them live a very happy and normal life. 

Our Personal Assistance Services (PAS) are what we have exclusively reserved for the elderly, the sick, and the handicapped. Our hired assistant would make sure that hospital-level care is provided to the person, along with a lot of quality time. 

What Services Do We Provide? 

Personal Assistants are very friendly and extremely confident about their jobs. They are very much well-aware of what they are doing, and will never make you feel as if you are being taken care of by a stranger. They have been trained to do a lot of things, and can flawlessly perform a lot of daily activities and tasks that the elderly person himself or herself might not be able to perform so well.

The services that our Personal Assistants can provide for you include almost all of the daily routine activities, and comprise of:

  • Bathing and Washing,
  • Grooming,
  • Changing Clothes and Dressings,
  • Oral and Shaving Care,
  • Daily Hair and Skin Care,
  • Cleaning Tasks (Bed Sheet Change, Room Cleaning, etc)
  • Helping in Washroom Trips/Changing Diapers (if applicable),
  • Routine Laundry,
  • Escorting (Whenever and Wherever Required),
  • Daily Exercise and Light Workout,
  • Ambulation and Low-Intensity Walks,
  • Assure Medicines Are To Be Taken On Time,
  • Shopping For The Required Stuff,
  • Transfering (If Patient Is Bed-Ridden),
  • Meal Preparation and Ensuring Timely Meals To Be Taken,
  • Feeding (If Patient Is Bed-Ridden),
  • Taking Vitals (Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, Temperature, etc.)


  • Providing Comfort, and Being There Whenever Required.

With this much of the services being offered, if you are a guardian, or the elderly person yourself, you are sure to never have to worry about any of your concerns at all. All of your things would be taken care of, in a very highly supervised and professional way. 

Why Personal Assistance Services (PAS)?  

Old people feel the safest within the confines of their homes. Hospitals could be a frightening and nerve-wracking experience for anyone, and old people are especially vulnerable to this fear. That is why we came up with these Personal Assistance Services, or PAS, in which a hospital-level trained individual caregiver would alone take care of all the daily activities of the said person, along with keeping a strict check on their health condition and wellbeing.

What Is Our Mission?

We understand fully well that old age could be quite challenging for all the elderly people around us. In such an age, a person is quite fearful and confused and tends to express their fears in the form of their straightforward, blatant feelings. Not everyone understands this and ends up being frustrated by the “so many demands and requirements” of the elderly people.
For this purpose, we have a team of professional caregivers in our Personal Assistance Services (PAS) here. These caregivers are fully aware of the complex psychology of the older people and are bound to take care of them in a way that keeps them feeling loved, happy, and in a company of someone trustworthy.
In the case of a guardian, you can easily be carefree and go to your schools, or jobs, because one thing is assured – your elderly person is in safe hands, and is being taken care of in the best possible way.
These services are also provided for bed-ridden and confined-to-bed patients. The services are the same for all and are further customized according to the needs and requirements of the individual.

All in all, by choosing Personal Assistance Services (PAS) provided by the ALEGRE Home Health Care, you are doing a perfect job.
We promise to deliver you the best home health care provider, who would not only provide help with an elderly person’s daily tasks and activities but would also prove himself or herself to be the best companion that an elderly person has ever had to talk to and spend time with!

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